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We’re excited to announce the Sound Protocol.

✅Permissionless base layer
✅Artist-owned & non-upgradeable song contracts
✅Permanent & decentralized metadata
✅Custom mint formats
✅Payments & end-to-end royalties

This is a monumental step forward for Sound.

Here’s why👇
Arpeggi Labs raises $5.1m led by a16z crypto
“…Whereas many web3 music platforms focus on changing the way we own music, Arpeggi changes the way we create music by ensuring attribution to the proper source when a sound is used. Arpeggi realigns creator incentives, flipping the paradigm for artists to encourage the reuse of their music instead of restricting it. Whether one-shot samples, loops, or full compositions, with Arpeggi, any sound you hear is a sound you can create with. With the click of a button, you can go from listening to remixing using Arpeggi’s in-browser DAW. When ready, press mint to publish your song back to the platform and make it available for reuse by others…”
Read the full article here by @evan_dhillon.
Five predictions about music streaming’s future
“…NFTs will not change the way streaming services license music. I just don’t see the scenario. Licensors like to negotiate and get the best out of their deals. The human relations in these scenarios are very important. It’s not in their interest to let everyone get default terms in an automated way, since it doesn’t let them leverage their influence. Keep in mind: these negotiations are not just about money, but also about visibility in playlists, frontpages, promotional partnerships, etc. Given that so much must be done by people, I don’t think it’s worth the switching cost for most parties involved….“
Read the full article here by @basgras.
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