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Tim Connors •
Our education system is f*cked

But web3 gives us a chance to build it better, from the bottom-up instead of the top-down

Here's 5 of our predictions about the future of education:
The New Creator Playbook
“…The web3 model takes the web2 creator playbook and inverts it. Instead of starting with creating free content in an effort to build a large fanbase that can later be monetized, web3 creators start by monetizing through the creation of a token (NFT or fungible). This attracts an initial audience of fan-owners interested in the potential upside that stems from ownership of an asset. The creator can then use the initial funding and stakeholders from the token sale to bootstrap their creative work. The fan-owners then have skin in the game to see that creator succeed and are incentivized to act as evangelists for the creator and their work. That helps to kickstart the virtuous cycle of content creation, audience growth, and monetization. The key to this playbook is digital scarcity: as the creator becomes more well-known or successful, the token becomes more sought-after and valuable…”
Read the full article here by @ljin18.
Layer3: The Web3 Growth Engine
“…It is important to note that this is genuine usage, there are little-to-no financial incentives. Financial incentives attract mercenary users. Mercenary users kill retention numbers. We’re in the business of retention We capture user attention by wrapping discovery in an elegant & fun way. Users come to Layer3 to find new products, learn how to use them and showcase their web3 competency.Others dress up financial incentives as ‘ownership distribution’. This is naive & misguided. We have best-in-class retention numbers without financial rewards. Our top 1,000 users return 49 days in a row & have each completed 361 on-chain actions. Our top 5,000 users return 23 days in a row and have each completed 211 on-chain actions Our 19-week retention is 87% for our top 10,000 users…“
Read the full article here by @Brandon_M_Kumar.
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RLY Network
Crypto Nomads Club
PROOF Marketplace
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