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Warren Feldman ⚛️
Curious about how @SeiNetwork could become the Nasdaq of DeFi?

🧵: Here is the ultimate explainer thread on Sei and how it’s aiming to be the base layer for financial apps and institutions for @cosmos and all of Crypto x/23
Tokens of appreciating appreciation
“…Tokens of appreciation are inherently asymmetric — they happen when an explicit transaction is not desirable or possible in the present moment, for social or economic reasons. Implicit is the idea that the token will “grow” into something down the line, towards karma or stronger friendship if nothing else. It’s fitting that “appreciation” means both “recognition” and “increase.” That’s why Hollywood loves to use tokens of appreciation to bookend a storyline. The hero thanklessly saves a victim in the opening scenes, receives some token of appreciation, and then later on just as death’s door is coming closer, that token gets cashed in for salvation…”
Read the full article here by @joey_debruin.
The Can’t Be Evil NFT Licenses
“… we’re releasing a set of free, public “Can’t Be Evil” Licenses, designed specifically for NFTs and inspired by the work of Creative Commons. The licenses are freely available for use by the community, and serve three goals: (1) to help NFT creators protect (or release) their intellectual property (IP) rights; (2) to grant NFT holders a baseline of rights that are irrevocable, enforceable, and easy to understand; and (3) to help creators, holders, and their communities unleash the creative and economic potential of their projects with a clear understanding of the IP framework in which they can work. Since most early-stage projects don’t have access to legal resources, we worked with some of the foremost IP lawyers in the web3 space to design six types of broadly applicable NFT licenses and make them available for all…“
Read the full article here by @milesjennings.
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