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By Julian Paul • Issue #31 • View online
Last week, tons happened in web3. Here are three highlights:
This week’s dose of web3 is broad ↓

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Decentralized teams need web3 native tools, built by people who know how DAOs work and how they can be better.

Today we're proud to introduce CoVaults, built by our decentralized team for your decentralized team

Why call options make sense for NFTs
“…Hook is an on-chain, NFT-native call options protocol. To simplify, it does two things: 1. Anyone holding an NFT can write and sell covered call options, earning a premium on their holdings. 2. Traders can buy call options to get affordable upside exposure if they want to bet on a collection increasing in value … We do this by building an audited, insured, and open-source protocol that takes an original NFT, asks the owner for a strike price and premium, and mints a call option (itself an NFT) that can then be traded freely until the option settles at expiry…”
Read the full article here by @Jake_Nyquist.
Tokens are Products
“…What is the core user problem, and how does the token address it? Many tokens in the wild today were launched without considering the user. Other tokens bundle too many “jobs to be done” into a single asset, muddying the value proposition like a feature-packed product that tries to be everything to everyone. Others have successfully identified a bundle of ownership experiences that, taken together, solve for an overlapping set of user needs. Nouns bundles status, belonging and the need to be heard into a collectible, governance-granting artwork, their Nouns NFTs….“
Read the full article here by @jessewldn.
undiscovered products³
Disco · Bring all your selves
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