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By Julian Paul • Issue #30 • View online
Last week, tons happened in web3. Here are three highlights:
This week’s dose of web3 is broad ↓

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Social Tokens Can Transform Book Publishing
“…By design, social tokens are collaborative tools, making them attractive for solving the royalty-split problem for book publishing collaborators. Specifically, they can deliver five core benefits for independent authors and publishers: 1. They offer a utilitarian solution to a real-world problem, 2. They are designed for communities that value collaboration, 3. They must be organic to the community they serve, 4. They are managed by the community with no hierarchical organization, 5. The value of the token is based on these core characteristics more than on price…”
Read the full article here by @Allen_Taylor.
A Framework for Web3 Infrastructure
“…Above the foundational blockchain layer, we can frame the services, tools, architecture and infrastructure into three buckets: 1. Data Players: Supplying the core infrastructure, architecture and tooling for teams to build and operate Web3 projects. 2. Value and Liquidity Players: Building blocks for capital to flow across Web3 applications and participants with less friction (i.e. prohibitive gas and slippage fees). 3. “Interplayers” or Blockchain Supporting Infrastructure: Stakeholders that support and maintain the blockchain / compute networks….“
Read the full article here by @_ericyhu.
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