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By Julian Paul • Issue #26 • View online
Last week, tons happened in web3. Here are three highlights:
But without further ado, this week’s dose of web3 is broad ↓

one timeless piece
Miles Deutscher
Aptos is an exciting new blockchain developed by @AptosLabs, founded by former Meta (FaceBook) employees.

It's capable of powering 160,000 TPS, and has $350m of backing from FTX, Coinbase, a16z, Multicoin Capital and more.

🧵: A full breakdown of the new Layer 1: Aptos.👇
Does Crypto Have Any Good Use Cases?
At least 90% of it is nonsense right now.
At least 90% of it is nonsense right now.
“…I’m going to limit it to uses which either: 1. Could not be done without blockchain tech or 2. Would be much shittier without blockchain tech (akin to Postmates on a phone vs. IBM mainframe)…”
And even if there is a siloed reputation system, you’ll likely be able to record your status in one area on your wallet and use it to establish a reputation in another domain. Basically, imagine if you could prove when signing up for StackOverflow that you had earned 10,000 Reddit Karma for your posts in /r/Javascript. That should give you some initial starting reputation, and that’s much easier with the wallet-based identities and single-sign-on that come with Web3…“
Read the full article here by @nateliason.
3 Crucial Things For Social Tokenomics
Allocations for contributors & stakeholders, treasury and token design.
Allocations for contributors & stakeholders, treasury and token design.
“…We will consider a creator as anyone pushing ideas, and a vision, through content on the internet… With a common definition and the prerequisites offered by Coinvoise to create a thriving decentralized community, there are three main aspects of Tokenomics: 1. Token design in terms of setup and supply, 2. Token Distribution to incentivise contribution, 3. Financial aspects to reduce volatility…“
Read the full article here by @CoinviseCo.
undiscovered products³
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See you around.
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