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By Julian Paul • Issue #23 • View online
Last week, tons happened in web3. Here are three highlights:
But without further ado, this week’s dose of web3 is holistic ↓

One Tweet to ponder over
current #'s for total frozen assets on OS:

BAYC: 95eth x 130 = 12,350
MAYC: 19eth x 268 = 5,092
Clonex: 11.7eth x 202 = 2,363
Moonbirds: 26eth x 70 = 1,820
Azuki: 11.5eth x 153 = 1,759
Doodles: 13.5eth x 83 = 1,228

Total = 24,612 ETH if valued at current floor price👀
Co-ownership as a web3 social primitive
Ownership is a shift in how we connect with one another.
Ownership is a shift in how we connect with one another.
“…ownership is lonely. You can buy four Porsche convertibles and still feel lonely. It’s collective ownership that’s powerful. At its core, ownership is vulnerable ‒ it’s personal. To co-own something is to have a connection with someone. And so while individual ownership is great, collective ownership is the true social primitive in web3….”
Read the full article here by @chaserchapman.
Tradable Asset Subscriptions (TAS)
A 2-year TAS visualized through the 3 sales stages.
A 2-year TAS visualized through the 3 sales stages.
“…TAS derives its value from digital scarcity. It’s not built for hypergrowth. It’s built for niche businesses that operate for the few, not the many … What’s interesting about mutations is their stacking mechanism that combines: 1. Access length, 2. Evolving looks & 3. Holder benefits. This makes holders mutating for multiple years superusers to which you can send Airdrops. The on-chain retargeting and marketing potential is unlimited…“
Read the full article here by @itsjulianpaul.
Three products worth exploring
  • Next ID » Supercharge Your Identity with Web3.
  • Cheers » your web3 in one shot.
  • RSS3 » the feed of web3.
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See you around.
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