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By Julian Paul • Issue #22 • View online

One Tweet to ponder over
Every community (crypto, religion, you name it) has three things:

1. Identity. I own a @cryptovenetians, I am Jewish, etc.
2. Initiation. I minted at @brtmoments, I had a Bat Mitzvah, etc.
3. Ritual. I say gm, I observe Shabbat, etc.

Regardless of the community, you need all 3.
Stake & Level up
The workspace: fun, perks & rewards.
The workspace: fun, perks & rewards.
“…Our staking mechanism contains a novelty which is; instead of giving you tokens for staking, we are counting the staked time on-chain. This means, your NFT retains its cumulative staking level, even when transferred or unstaked … The current staking time resets every time the NFT is unstaked. The cumulative staking time stays the same….”
Read the full article here by @andreijluca.
Cleaning 70k entries
In the pursuit of sculpting a picture of genuine funding.
In the pursuit of sculpting a picture of genuine funding.
“…One of the key ways to bot a raffle is to move ETH around. You enter with one wallet, transfer the 0.35 ETH to another and then enter again. This bypasses any validation you have. Luckily this is fairly easy to detect. Firstly you can look at wallet funders, and detect which wallet has funded the entry and you can jump back as many transactions as you want to start to build a complex picture of wallet relations. Our longest chain of eth transfers was 124 wallets long! And a single wallet funded over 90 raffle submissions…“
Read the full article here by @tmw_buidls.
Three products worth exploring
  • joinlist » simple, fast and delightful to collect wallets.
  • moby » live NFT minting/sales insights & more.
  • ayzd » metaverse, NFT analytics & more.
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See you around.
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