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Last week, tons happened in web3. Here are three highlights:
Currently, has almost 150+ resources. I also just made a change to the resources page where the stage of content is separated from the left categories bar. This makes it a little easier to navigate and focus on where you are in your web3 journey. But without further ado, this week’s dose of web3 is music focused ↓

One Thread to ponder over
Music NFTs GMI
We are in the early innings of a Music NFT movement.
We are in the early innings of a Music NFT movement.
“…The music/song file will be consumed at more upstream layers of engagement and curation creating new monetization models that will accrue value directly to NFTs. The Music NFT itself will be engaged with (like to earn, emotes, etc.) and curated (staking songs into playlists, etc.) to generate revenue directly back to the NFT. This is fundamentally different from Spotify - where users are charged a monthly fee and then some percentage of the revenue is distributed to the artists (while maintaining margins to shareholders)…“
Read the full article here by @web3brett.
Should Artists Focus On NFTs, Tokens or DAOs?
A coinvise mirror article.
A coinvise mirror article.
“… NFTs provide a way for super fans to show their loyalty and provide liquidity for creators. Social tokens are suitable for up-and-coming artists wanting to engage with their first fans and need help to grow their community. DAOs are a great way for creators wanting to build a project beyond themselves as this new model of organization facilitates collaboration worldwide…“
Read the full article here by @CDTEliot.
Three products worth exploring
  • decent » don’t just stream, own.
  • catalog » a new medium for music.
  • sound » a more collaborative music platform.
And that’s that. If you liked this, why not forward a friend? is curated by Julian Paul.
See you around.
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