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By Julian Paul • Issue #16 • View online
Last week, tons happened in web3. Here are three highlights:
Currently, has not gotten all too much fresh content, but new things are in the pipeline. Hint: something Telegram & update related. But, let’s get into your weekly dose of web3 ↓

One Thread to ponder over
Greatbambin0 (🪄,🪄)
1/ An NFT investment lifecycle and high level execution process framework 🧵

The NFT space is a grind, quite often I feel lack of clarity as to what projects are launching and when along with various other aspects involved within the NFT investment lifecycle.
Introducing the 2022 State of Crypto Report
by Daren Matsuoka, Eddy Lazzarin, Chris Dixon, and Robert Hackett
by Daren Matsuoka, Eddy Lazzarin, Chris Dixon, and Robert Hackett
“…We estimate there are somewhere between seven million and 50 million active Ethereum users today, based on various on-chain metrics. (See slide 54.) Analogizing to the early commercial internet, that puts us somewhere circa 1995 in terms of development. The internet reached 1 billion users by 2005 – incidentally, right around the time web2 started taking shape amid the founding of future giants such as Facebook and YouTube…“
Read the full article here by @DarenMatsuoka from a16z.
Web3 and Social Capital
Social Capital is who knows you, who you know.
Social Capital is who knows you, who you know.
“…The emergence of Web3 Space and DAO brings new possibilities. In such a space, the depth and breadth of social capital scenarios will be pushed to a new height through blockchain networks and protocols. A new network will be formed - a global credit network based on decentralized social capital, which may be a Disruptive opportunity…“
Read the full article here by @lcfr_eth.
Three products worth exploring
  • hashscan » on-chain user analytics for NFTs and DApps.
  • andsub » NFT subscriptions for Web3 businesses.
  • mazury » your web3 career starts here.
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See you around.
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