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By Julian Paul • Issue #14 • View online
Last week, tons happened in web3. Here are three highlights:
This week, reached 125+ resources. New tools and content to dive deeper into web3 are added almost daily. This week, I’ve added some books you can discover by sorting ‘reads’. They were suggested to me in Beyond and I can’t wait to read them.
Let’s get into your weekly dose of web3 ↓

One Thread to ponder over
Harri | divergence
A 🧵 on the @moonbirds_xyz drop mechanic, including how @divergencearran and I went about de-botting and what we could have improved (side note: we aren't technically part of @proof_xyz, we're just the smart contract nerds for hire—and, after a few joint projects, friends)
The Value of DAO Project Managers
DAOs need to create better coordination and execution patterns.
DAOs need to create better coordination and execution patterns.
“…I’ve personally been in many meetings where the fine details of the problem are being examined only to have the conversation derailed but someone introducing themselves or asking for context. These interruptions result from an interpretation of permissionlessness in an unqualified way. Permissionless does not mean that anyone, regardless of their background or commitment, can immediately assume a membership or leadership position…“
Read the full article here by @singularityhack.
Twitter as a City-State
The Argument for Democracy in Cyberspace.
The Argument for Democracy in Cyberspace.
“…I think the internet is more like land. In this metaphor: URLs ~= Places & Links ~= Roads & Networks ~= City-states Each city has a distinct personality, and within the city there are distinct neighborhoods and sub-communities. As with land, it’s easy to move into the wilderness and call it a city—the hard part is getting anyone to join you. People want to be close to lots of other people for all sorts of reasons: trade, romance, social status, etc. …“
Read the full article here by @nbashaw.
Three products worth exploring
  • drepute » build on-chain reputation.
  • genesis » a system to explore web3.
  • fleek » build on the new internet.
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See you around.
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