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Last week, tons happened in web3. Here are your highlights:
This week, now holds 115+ resources, growing steadily, week by week. I have been thinking about creating a Telegram group with instant notifications the second a valuable writer releases a story on mirror or substack. Would this be something you’d like to join? Reply ‘yes’ to this email.
Let’s get into your weekly dose of web3 ↓

1x Thread to ponder over
'web3 is a solution looking for a problem'

A high-level thread on problems web3 can address 🧵👇
The Ownership Economy 2022
A non-comprehensive, curated selection of projects.
A non-comprehensive, curated selection of projects.
“…In our analysis, we found that on average, web3 companies that launched a token did so 2.7 years after founding; in 2020, VC-backed companies went public approximately 5.3 years after securing their first VC investment. The timeline of IPOs, compared to token launches, serves to eliminate a significant amount of upside potential for retail investors…“
Read the full article here by @lijin.
14 Timeless Lessons From The Crypto Market
14 Timeless Lessons From The Crypto Market
14 Timeless Lessons From The Crypto Market
“… Over and over again you see people apeing into risky bets. They want to be early. As you probably know already, the earlier you are the more money you can make (most often from the people coming in after you) … 7) Long-term investing In my opinion, there are only 2 tokens that classify as long-term investments ( $BTC and $ETH). I’m willing to change my answer as more tokens stand the test of time. The only reason why I invest in altcoins is that they can give me a higher upside…“
Read the full article here by @Route2FI.
3 products worth exploring
  • coinvise » powerful tools for creators to build & operate tokenized communities
  • urlz » showcase all of your urlz in one.
  • nftnerds » analyze the best NFTs on the market.
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