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By Julian Paul • Issue #12 • View online
Last week, tons happened in web3. Here are your highlights:
Oh and just reached more than 100+ resources. I also added the Build category with a couple of early additions around building web3-enabled landing pages with React for example.
Let’s get into your weekly dose of web3 - NFT-heavy

1x Thread to ponder over
miles jennings
1/10 Lots of talk about who should own Twitter. Here’s how web3 decentralization can turn social media platforms like Twitter into Public Utilities and what that might mean for content moderation.
CC0 NFT: The Power of Public Domain in Web3
The Power of Public Domain in Web3.
The Power of Public Domain in Web3.
“…Successful NFT projects rely upon strong network effects and communities. It follows then that projects, in theory, should want to reduce friction to network effects as much as possible … CC0 allows for anyone to then use the art for commercial or other purposes and does not need to give attribution to the original artist, team, or creator. Examples of CC0 NFT projects: Cryptoadz, NounsDAO, Timeless…“
Read the full article here by @1MrClean1.
NFT project red flags
Concerning things to watch out for with new NFT projects.
Concerning things to watch out for with new NFT projects.
“…Audit reports from security firms aren’t perfect, but they do provide some basic security checks. If you’re in Web3, you want to be using audited DeFi and NFT projects since unaudited infrastructure can be more readily abused or exploited. The problem is that every audit firm is utterly swamped with demand lately. Not wanting to wait forever, some new NFT projects are thus taking their chances by launching their infra unaudited. Tread cautiously with such projects accordingly…“
Read the full article here by @WPeaster.
3 products worth exploring
  • GM » a crypto-native, decentralized, and user-owned social network.
  • buildspace » build cool stuff right now, earn NFTs, access secret opportunities in crypto.
  • JPG » the NFT curation protocol.
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See you around.
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