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By Julian Paul • Issue #11 • View online
Last week, tons happened in web3. Here are your highlights:
In the meantime, just got another facelift. Now you can sort the database by: read, watch, listen, follow, try & learn. Soon, we are closing in on 100+ (re)sources.
Let’s get into your weekly dose of web3 - DAO-heavy

1x Thread to ponder over
DAO Central 🏛
The DAO Ecosystem in 2022 🧵

Who did we miss? 👀
DAOs Explained
What internet-native organisations look like.
What internet-native organisations look like.
“… Historically, humans have organized themselves in a variety of ways: from tribes and councils, to LLCs, and C-Corps. But these forms of organization tend to be centralized in nature, and feel slightly out of place today. With so much of our personal and professional lives taking place online now, the real question is: what does an internet-native way of organizing ourselves and our resources look like?…“
Read the full article here by @tracheopteryx.
An online community governance design guide.
An online community governance design guide.
An online community governance design guide.
“… We are currently in a stage of rapid experimentation with Web3-native online organizations. They tend to default to one-token, one-vote (which is similar to traditional corporate governance). However, many groups blend on-chain and off-chain voting. Example: Example: to elect City Leads, Friends With Benefits enacted one-member, one-vote elections…“
Read the full article here by @austinrobey_.
3 products worth exploring
  • XMTP » The communication protocol and network for web3.
  • CommunityRule » a governance toolkit for great communities.
  • ForeFront » Discover tokenized communities and creators.
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See you around.
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