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By Julian Paul • Issue #10 • View online
With every week I dive deeper into web3, my excitement increases. It’s similar to the feeling I found in the IndieHackers community back in 2018, just way more appealing. The intelligence and character of humans in this space is mind-blowing. The second you start digging and reading, you simply can’t stop - or is that just me?
Anyways. As with every week, there are around 10+ new (Re)sources on and also some minor UI improvements.
But without further ado, let’s get into your weekly dose of web3 ↓

1x Thread to ponder over
@cdixon i’ve started to describe web3 as the ownership layer - could have been inspired by one of yours or another recent thought leaders tweets.

1. read
2. read / write
3. read / write / own
How to DAO 401: DAO Community Leadership
A DAO leader’s momentum compounds.
A DAO leader’s momentum compounds.
“…The benefit of developing others compounds over time and outweighs the initial investment required. As a result, those with most influence in web3 are often those that have helped others become leaders. This might be the killer feature of DAO leadership: there’s an incentive for mutual growth. This self-reinforcing loop becomes a recursive process…”
Read the full article here by @rafathebuilder.
The Unbundling of Opensea
On the emergence of new vertical NFT marketplaces.
On the emergence of new vertical NFT marketplaces.
“…The next great NFT marketplaces are likely to build brands that are as strong as any traditional marketplace or brick-and-mortar boutique. As the landscape heats up, NFT purveyors will become more than just destinations for transactions but homes for community, signals & digital identity. The unbundling of Opensea is just beginning…”
Read the full article here by @natashajuliakim.
3 products to explore ↓
  • AskMirror » search the future of publishing and discover inspiring content.
  • Proved » Demonstrate your DAO contributions on-chain to showcase your credentials.
  • Basement » Keep track of your favorite people’s NFTs.
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See you around.
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