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By Julian Paul • Issue #9 • View online
Not a week of this newsletter shall get missed and a warm welcome to 2 new subscribers to this humble endeavor.
This week brings an update: you can now sort the entire directory based on your level of understanding/depth in web3. Try toggling noob, degen, and legend to check it out.
Let’s get into this week’s newsletter ↓

1 Thread to ponder over ↓
1/ How companies can use NFTs for marketing and community building 🧵
2 reads worth diving into ↓
On-Chain Meritocracy by Jarrod Dicker
“…Instead of just looking at data as a way to transact, it starts to become a function of validation and reputation whereas the individual is able to strengthen their credentials through tasks and contributions…”
Read the full article here.
Web3 is centralized (and inefficient!) by Neel Chauhan
“…VCs are built to build monopolies, and monopolies want central control. Something like Tor or [email protected] is be somewhat decentralized, since it’s a nonprofit in control and neither Tor or Stanford are for-profit businesses. But most Web3 firms are for-profit businesses, and so are the VC firms backing them…”
Read the full article here.
3 products to explore ↓
  • BlockWallet » Reclaim your financial privacy on blockchain.
  • Bonfire » Create a custom web3-native home, powered by your social token & NFTs.
  • mason » the best solution for NFT creators.
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See you around.
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