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Whatsup people. Another week, another newsletter. This time on a Monday. Let’s see how this one goes. has around 20 new (re)sources, now reaching 70+. For clarity, I’ve separated resources specific to Gating. They are technically relating to tokens, but then, so are NFTs. This niche is more about actual tools that leverage tokens.
Oh, and did I mention the discord is alive and kicking. You can get in early here: join intoweb3 Discord.
But without further ado, let’s get into this week’s newsletter!

1 Thread to ponder over ↓
A 🧵 about tokenomics (the economics and game theory behind #crypto tokens) 👇

2 reads worth diving into ↓
Tokenized Communities by Jihad Esmail
“…Community tokens follow a similar path to value accrual. While short-term value may accrue to the token through gating access (e.g. to Discord, content, product, events, etc.), long-term value accrues when community members are holding to 1. Influence the meme & 2. Spread the meme…”
Read the full article here.
NFT powered Home Rentals by Holon
“…Something interesting about leases is that their value appreciation can mimic that of the underlying property. For example, if you had a lease for a year that you bought today that is valid 10 years from now, the value change of that lease over those 10 years should be similar to that of the underlying home equity. As a result, we can mimic home equity with the right to stay at that home!…”
Read the full article here.
3 products to explore ↓
  • Tally Ho! » the first Web3 wallet owned by its users with features you need for DeFi and Web3.
  • Smart Invoice » Enable clients and service providers to transact with less intermediaries.
  • SourceCred » a tool for communities to measure and reward value creation.
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See you around.
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