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By Julian Paul • Issue #7 • View online
Aaaaand we are back. This week I’ve been working hard on polishing the web experience & navigation on - it’s really coming together. Thoughts?
As of today, we’ve reached 50 awesome links, including a fresh category addition of DAO… This niche is mental. And just as with everything else in web3, we’re only scratching the surface here.
Oh, and for you to dive intoweb3 even faster I’ve also curated a selection of 🔥 hot tips you should check out first.
But without further ado, let’s get into this week’s newsletter.

1 Thread to ponder over ↓
Route 2 FI
The day master's degrees in blockchain technology start to get mainstream, you can be sure that the biggest gains are already gone.
2 reads worth diving into ↓
Web3 Social Landscape by Tom Scaria & Natasha Khimji
“…Humans are aggregating identity in their wallets. Wallets hold social club memberships, NFTs that reflect their personality, and cultural moments they’ve participated in. This trail of data travels with users and is also publicly available. App developers harness this data to build social graphs and reputation systems that form the connective tissue of web3 social apps…”
Read the full article here.
The Untapped Potential Of DAOs by Louis
“…Good design of DAO tools should start with our brains and body cycles in mind. For example, accounting for our strengths in tackling complex tasks but also our limits in processing vast amounts of information and our need to tune-off regularly…What’s good for contributors is good for your DAO. People are DAOs first and last differentiator….”
Read the full article here.
3 products worth exploring ↓
  • » top NFT collections by a range of stats.
  • drifty » explore web3 without being an expert on cryptocurrency! 🎉
  • backdrop » dive into leading tokenized projects and DAOs across web3 in seconds.
And that’s that. If you liked this, why not forward a friend? is curated by Julian Paul.
See you around.
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