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It’s been a little quiet here. But for good reason.
Over the past 2 weeks, I worked on launching the first version of, an early resource collection for product people to ape into web3 together. Links for noobs, degens, and legends.
My goal is to build the #1 web3 product community through:
  • A growing database.
  • A weekly newsletter.
  • A discord community.
This email marks the start of each pillar. Every Sunday, I (Julian Paul) will keep you up-to-date with a curated Twitter, Reads, and Product selection worth checking out.
So without further ado.
Let’s get into it!

[UPDATE]: the new (re)sources. (re)sources.
1 Thread to ponder over ↓
How NFTs are much more than just an investment vehicle or asset. They have the potential to go full circle f for community experiences.
Outsiders think that NFTs are a new Kickstarter, or meme stocks, or money laundering.

But NFTs are about finding belonging, showing status, and crafting our identity.

Let me explain to you the NFT Hierarchy of Needs and how NFTs change who we are 📐
2 reads worth diving into ↓
Why web3 matters by Chris Dixon
“…For third parties, the transition from cooperation to competition feels like a bait-and-switch. Over time, the best entrepreneurs, developers, and investors have learned to not build on top of centralized platforms. This has stifled innovation…”
Read the full article here.
We are launching Studios, the $1M check web3 incubator designed for early stage founders by JMJ
“…We designed Studios with key web3 principles in mind: 1. Proof of work is at the core of the building, and we strive to go the extra mile. 2. Durable web3 companies will be built with a combination of product, design, and community, and we are dedicated to leading on each. 3. Honor the challenges of building, and innovate at the edges…”
Read the full article here.
3 products worth exploring ↓
  • » a social funding network.
  • mintgate » no-code page builder for gated content & membership NFTs.
  • tellie » the fastest, easiest web3 site builder for creators.
And that’s that. If you liked this, why not forward a friend? is curated by Julian Paul.
See you around.
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